Geographical Policing

During 2019, the West Plains Police Department adopted a Geographical policing format, restructured the organization, and revamped the vehicle fleet. Chief Monticelli and his staff designed a new black and white color scheme for patrol vehicles. The new color scheme is part of the Department’s Geographical Policing Plan. The new color scheme will help the patrol vehicles stand out in public so that citizens have no doubt when they see one in their neighborhoods. This visibility is important for the contact between the sector officer and the citizen.

Prior to 2019 officers were assigned to a squad, each squad was a collection of officers assigned to one of three shifts, Detectives, K-9 Units (and so on) which functioned as individuals. Beginning in 2019 in an effort to adapt to the needs of our community, the West Plains Police Department has developed a system to encourage communication across squads and to further familiarize ourselves with our citizens. West Plains Police Officers will begin to operate in teams assigned to a particular Sector or Geographical area.

The common thread is no longer the “shift” or “squad” to which an officer is assigned, but which area the officer covers. A geographical area, or sector, will have in its assigned group at least one officer from each of the three shifts, along with a supervisor, and an investigator. These officers will communicate regularly via email groups and monthly meetings where officers discuss everything which occurs in their designated sector, thus increasing awareness of the issues facing each area of the City.

The underlying logic behind Geographic and Community Policing is so that we at the West Plains Police Department have a better understanding and more in-depth knowledge of the communities and individuals which make up our Great City.

To see the Sector Map and determine which Sector you live in click the link below.