K-9 Loki is a dual purpose police service dog. Loki is a Belgian Malinois, which is similar to a German Shepherd, but weighs less and has less problems with mobility and hip dysplasia. K-9 Loki was born in 2018 in the Netherlands, and trained in Germany before coming to the United States. K-9 Loki is trained in suspect apprehension, which is more commonly referred to as a bite dog. Loki however is a dual purpose dog, meaning he is trained and certified in narcotics detection as well. K-9 Loki is trained do detect narcotics odors such as Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Heroin. K-9 Loki is the first police service dog in the West Plains Police Department history to not be trained and certified in marijuana odors due to the legalization of medical marijuana in Missouri. Loki is also trained in building searches and tracking of persons. This can range from tracking of a suspect, all the way to finding a child who has walked away from home. Loki is also certified in article recovery, meaning Loki can find evidence that has been thrown away by a suspect during a chase. K-9 Loki is primarily responsible for the City of West Plains, but has also been utilized by the Howell County Sheriff’s Office and other regional departments.

The West Plains Police department up till now has always had one single K-9 team which has served the city as well as surrounding areas. In the near future however the department plans to add a second team to both better serve the community as well as allow for a rotation of call outs. This will allow for less stress on the teams, rather than one team being subject to call outs constantly. This team has not been announced due to manpower shortage within the department; however, the administration hopes this team will be announced soon.

The West Plains Police Department K-9 team is often utilized to not only serve and protect the citizens of Wets Plains, but also to protect the lives of the departments’ officers. K-9’s are an invaluable tool to a police department and can serve in several different ways. There is no more versatile tool to a police department than a K-9.